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Friday, July 22, 2011


After doing a pretty poor job of maintaining four different blogs, I have decided to migrate them all over to Wordpress to become one blog. I only chose Wordpress because it is super easy to migrate multiple Blogger blogs over into one Wordpress blog, whereas I would have had to cut and past each individual post from each blog into a new Blogger blog. Therefore, I decided to jump ship.

Anyway, you can find any and all new ramblings of mine at This will be a combination of my general blog (Rich Girl, Poor Girl), my health and fitness blog (Hamhocks), my now-defunct food blog (Chicken, Again?), and my very briefly maintained "mommy blog" (Mountain [Step]Mama). In time, if I maintain more of a blogging presence, I might just look into paying for my own domain, but for now, this is where I will be. Hope to see you there!

Friday, July 08, 2011

Where did I go? And pondering a lifestyle change...

I reached 66 pounds of weight loss a few weeks ago...and promptly fell off the wagon. We have had some stress, and I am finding myself falling into my old emotional eating ways. I have even skipped two weeks of Weight Watchers meetings, which is a recipe for trouble. However, I have written next week's meeting into my calendar, and I have started using the Weight Watchers eTools as a way to give myself further accountability. I know I can get back on track, but to be honest, for a brief amount of time, I didn't really want to. I was taking a LOT of "comfort" (as brief as it was) from food. Now, I have the desire to get back on track, so I will start working toward that.

Sort of related is a change I am thinking of making with my lifestyle. I have spoken before about my desire to buy only humanely-raised animal products for my diet. Well, I am seriously considering going a step further with that and becoming what can be referred to as a pesco-ova-lacto vegetarian or more simply, a pescetarian. This would mean I would eat dairy, eggs, and fish, but I would no longer eat beef, pork, or poultry. I would still have to cook these things, as there is NO WAY my husband would make this change with me, but I would at least like to try this out and see how it goes. I am currently in the information-gathering stage, so I will keep you posted!

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