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Thursday, November 17, 2005

And on another note...

So that diet thing? Not working...

The fat continues to sit there, and as nice as I am to it, I can't seem to convince it to leave...not without doing something like starving it (via diet) or working it (via exercise). It won't leave just to be nice. I've tried, but it says no.

Here's the thing...I don't want to diet. I want to eat whatever I want. When I allow myself to eat like I want, I am happy. Okay, maybe I am not happy. Maybe I am just not unhappy. Sure, I get that guilty feeling because I just polished off a can of Pringles, but as long as I don't enter the land of the binge, I feel pretty okay.

Of course, I want to be thinner and healthier and in better shape. So that means that it's not okay to just eat whatever looks good. There needs to be more balance. There needs to be more vegetables. There needs to be less French fries and less beer and less M&Ms.

Of course, the holidays are upon us, and as such, I sort of expect myself to fail. After all, I have never been successful at losing weight and keeping it off. I did have some success with Atkins a few years back, but that is a road I don't want to travel again. And those pounds came back on when I started eating carbs again.

So how does someone who sees herself as doomed to fail (and who is lacking in motivation) take control of her life and her health and do something about the extra poundage? I am going to try making nice with my friend the treadmill and see what we can do about this together. Because I do have a wedding dress to buy in a few months. And I don't want it to be tent-sized.