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Monday, October 18, 2010

Long time, no...well, hear from, I guess.

Hello!  I am still here!  I have been struggling a bit YET AGAIN on a plateau, but I am feeling good!  I refuse to believe that my current weight (anywhere from 231 to 234 pounds is my body's "happy weight," but I have not really been seeing the scale making drastic progress in the downward direction.  Of course, I also have not been quite as "on" with the healthy eating (and that has manifested itself in me not being particularly "on" with my blogging), but I have made some progress in the past few weeks.  And the healthy eating will come back...I just have to recommit to it.

I do have to share that I do think that my whole "Mary as a Math Problem" idea has shown some real merit.  In the first two weeks after I put that plan into action, I did lose weight.  I had been hovering at a higher-than-recently 234.5 pounds, and after one week, I was down to 232.5, and the next week, I went down to 230.5, which was the lowest weight I have seen in a while.  Now, after a weekend of excess (beer at some friends', cake at a birthday party, night at the bar, tailgate before a football game), I am no longer at that lowest weight, but it's okay because I know getting back there will be no problem.  I didn't eat/drink 14,000 extra calories, so some of the four pounds hanging on right now are not true pounds.  Getting back on track should get rid of those quickly enough.

And now I have something else to share.  I have decided to apply to be the next priorfatgirl!  This is a contest put on by a blogger I really enjoy who is a prior fat girl (her words, not mine).  Jen lost 100 pounds through improvement in her eating habits and dedication to exercise.  She is offering other bloggers who are working their way toward health the opportunity to join the list of priorfatgirls out there whose only connection to their fat jeans is as a memento that shows them how far they have come.  I have decided to put my application out there because I want to put myself out there.  I don't know that I will be chosen to be the next priorfatgirl, but just sending in my self-nomination is enough for me.  It will be a confirmation to myself that I am DOING THIS (even if the scale this week doesn't really agree)!

Make it a great day, everyone!

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Alissa said...

We all fall off the wagon, and I'm positive you'll get back on track! I'll have to check out that blog you mentioned too... good stuff!