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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Back on the wagon (yet again)...

For the past two or so weeks, I have been having a GOOD TIME with
food. And this past week, I went to the gym a grand total of ZERO
times. So the "eat less, move more" thing? Not so much for the past
two weeks.

In the past, this would be the point that I fell off the wagon, gave
up the weigh-ins, and gained back all my lost weight and more.
Clearly, I do NOT want this to happen, so this morning I weighed in.
And my weight was 235.6 pounds.

Yuck. Also, ouch.

At mt lowest weight, I had been somewhere just under 229 pounds. And I
CELEBRATED being under 230 the point that I am NOT
anymore! This means the past two weeks of "fun" have led to almost a
seven-pound gain.


In my defense, I was visiting my sister Wednesday through Friday, and
we ate at three restaurants together (one of which involved my
first-ever Chipotle visit and two of which involved dessert), and I
made a Mickey D's stop on my way home. Therefore, I think I may be
carrying a bit of water weight. However, I know full well that I am
not carrying almost seven pounds of water weight. There has been some
true weight gain there.

I am back on track, starting today. Make it a GREAT day, everyone!

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