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Friday, August 27, 2010

Getting the word out...

My husband often listens to me with only one ear when I start talking
about my topic of the moment. I tend to be a complete information
whore (info ho'), so when I become interested in a topic, I spend a
lot of time reading about it and thinking about it and talking about
it. I am sure it gets to be repetitive and a bit boring.

My topic of the moment recently has been the importance of unprocessed
and organic foods in the human diet. After reading 'Animal, Vegetable,
Miracle' and watching 'Food, Inc.,' I began paying more attention to
where my food is coming from and, as a result, where my husband's food
is coming from. I have focused more on local than on organic where
produce is concerned, but once winter hits, I will go organic as much
as possible. I have put a lot fewer processed foods in my shopping
cart. I have bought only organic chicken thighs from Wegmans,
grass-fed beef from Wegmans, naked pork chops from Stew Leonard's
(during my best grocery shopping trip EVER during my visit to my
sister's, and Applegate Farms turkey burgers that came from Whole
Foods during that same visit to CT. And my sister was in PA this
weekend and brought me a new box of turkey burgers because my original
supply has been depleted.

This is a lot of background to an entertaining story. Today, my dear
husband asked me to look up for him something he saw on PBS late last
night. It was all about how cows are not made to eat corn and how corn
fed cows give us meat and milk that is higher in cholesterol than meat
and milk from cows fed a grass diet. Eureka! He's late to the party,
but he's finding it out! I told him that we were eating only organic
or humanely-raised meats, and he was a little surprised, but happy, to
hear this. He approaches this plan from a health standpoint, instead
of the health/animal love standpoint that I do, but the important
thing is that he made it there.

Regarding food and fitness, I am doing better, although still a bit
hit-or-miss. I went to a retirement party today and enjoyed some cake,
homemade truffles, and chips. But I am feeling good about things and
expect to see the scale moving in a downward direction soon.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -Gandhi

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