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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blah. Also, yuck.

Out of the last three weeks, I have been out of town for three days of two of them.  First, I had my fun visit to my sister's, and then this week, I was in Florida for my grandfather's funeral.  As always happens when I am out of town, there was a lot of restaurant food in both of those trips.  I have already talked about what I ate in Connecticut, and at the end of that trip, I was up about five pounds on the scale.  Well, this week, after some fast food in the airport, snacks on the plane, dinner out at a barbecue restaurant on Monday, lunch and dinner out (at Nancy Lopez's restaurant at her country club in The Villages and at TGIFriday's), lunch at a deli yesterday (big sandwich, but no fries, but a black and white cookie), and plenty of wine (the four of us split four bottles in two days, and I also drank at both dinners out), I am up about another five pounds.  For those doing the math, I am currently about ten pounds higher than my lowest weight recently.  Not good.

I did work out both days in the hotel on the elliptical, which was good.  And I did drink a lot of water while I was away.  I am now back on healthy eating lockdown and off to a great start today.  I can't wait to get back into my normal routine and watch these pounds melt away (and take some friends with them!).

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Jen said...

C'mon can do it! Time to get serious now!! :o)